2012: Milwaukee, Marriage, Murrayed

2012 has been an eventful year to say the least. It started with a big move: leaving behind a sweet job, an awesome town (Asbury Park <3), friends and families, and moving.... to Milwaukee, Wisconsin! There were definitely a lot of crazy looks, and "good luck in Minnesota, that's where Milwaukee is, right?"  But truth be told, as hard as it is being away from everything and everyone I know, Milwaukee. is. Awesome! It is most commonly described as a hidden gem, and I would absolutely have to agree with that. There are so many things that would just not happen back east, like sidewalk bowling with a frozen turkey for instance, or fencing in 300 people to throw tomatoes at each other, or riding around on a school bus, with live music while drinking wine...that's right, drinking wine on a school bus; and unbelievable food and beer and cheese! SO MUCH beer and cheese. And really, who can complain about that? So that being said, I look forward to sharing some more Milwaukee awesome-ness on this blog in the future.

In addition to the move there was also marriage! And a name change! And a new website :)

So 2012 has been a good one, trading in the ocean for a gigantic lake and Rizzolo for Murray. I'm not sure 2013 will be quite as dramatic, but I'm looking forward to it :)