Farm to Table.

I loved working on this farm to table inspired artwork. With moving and other obligations/deadlines, this group was just an idea brewing for a while. I'm really glad I finally had the chance to work on it because plenty of ideas never come to life, but also because these types of images (portraits of objects really) are right up my alley! I own so many of the things I painted (well not, the cow....or pig....or rooster - but maybe one day!) and I love being able to photograph my own reference, it makes the whole process really rewarding. Can't wait to see what products this artwork ends up on!

Some of the paintings in-progress used to create the final designs.

One of the final designs from the collection.

I'm also offering a version of these paintings as prints in my Etsy shop. I think they would look adorable in a rustic kitchen. You can shop the prints here!