A Personal Snail.

Carved out a little time this past week to do some personal painting, aka painting that is for absolutely nothing, and man did I need it! Not that a lot of my projects aren't inspired or are things I don't enjoy painting, but it is so hard to find time (or make time I should say), to just paint something because I feel like it without feeling guilty for not working on my other commitments.

So here's a little snippet. Found this little guy on our porch a few weeks ago and have been trying to find a way to paint him. I have a little more to go and then will be back to share the finish!

House Tour.

After just about 4 years in Milwaukee, John Murray and I have moved back to the east coast. We are so grateful for the experience and adventure we had in the Midwest, but also glad be close to friends and family again. We are also currently apartment hunting which feels quite strange since we owned a home for the past few years. I've been wanting to share some pictures of our first home and well, there's nothing like waiting until we don't live there anymore to do so!

We purchased our house in Milwaukee in 2013, a small one hundred and ten year old bungalow that had been through a lot of changes over time. Although we were initially disappointed that most of the original details of the house had been changed, it also allowed for so much opportunity, leaving the house as a blank canvas for our ideas and projects. We had a blast designing, decorating and collaborating on projects. And while it is sad to say goodbye to a place we put so much work into, it's also exciting to know that we will get to do it all over again with another house someday!


Click through for full tour.

The day we sold our house.

The day we sold our house.

The right place for me.

Art Licensing is a somewhat new venture for me. I didn't learn about this industry until I worked in-house for The Christmas Tree Shops in 2011 and we would work with artists and license their art for product.

For me it was like a missing piece to the puzzle. I struggled finding the right place for my artwork post college. Editorial illustration was never quite the right fit, and sometimes I would just want to paint something because it was pretty or a certain object excited me. I think for a while I felt guilty about that, because painting an antique tea kettle was not "saying anything," but painting an antique tea kettle made me happy, so there was the struggle. Long story short, I found a place for my work, I can make pretty pictures and research trends (which I LOVE) and all of this makes me happy.

It's been a little over 2 years since I started licensing, and it's really fun & exciting to start to see my artwork out there (licensing takes time and patience!). So I wanted to share a piece from one of my favorite collections, all 4 prints are available at art.com.


This past weekend was a dear friend's wedding up in the Catskills. Using the invitation that she designed I painted a custom wedding hanger for her dress. This is actually the second time I've done this so I'm sharing both of them today!

I love being able to gift these, such a nice way to do something special and different for people I care about.

Printables! Free Holiday Gift Tags!

Tis the season! Since I create holiday images all year long, I have found it makes this time of year even more enjoyable because work lines up with real time ( something about painting a Christmas tree in July just isn't quite as exciting).  In the spirit of giving I am sharing some holiday gift tags I've created.

Print (a heavyweight card stock is best), trim, punch a hole & run some ribbon or twine through to add to gifts for friends and loved ones! 


Holiday Gift Tags,  www.danielle-murray.com

Click here to download the free PDF. 

*These gift tags are free for personal use only. Feel free to share but please give credit where credit is due :)

New Painting Series: Ships, The Sea & Florals

With less time devoted to my personal paintings these days, I am usually only producing a single painting at a time, every few months or so. The last few weeks I was able to live in my little world of ships, the sea and florals....and man, it was really nice. 

I will have these three paintings hanging in the beautiful jewelry store Meeka, located in Camp Hill, Pa. The Grand Opening is this weekend, November 1st & 2nd, 11am-7pm, located at 2205 Market St. Camp Hill Pa.


All That I Know, 12 x 24 in. Oil on wood panel


All That I Know, *detail


Already Home, 10 x 22 in. Oil on wood panel


Already Home, *detail


Already Home, *detail


Myth, 12 x 24 in. Oil on wood panel


Myth, *detail


Myth, *detail

I'm Not Sharing.



You want to know what's incredible? Having a little treasure, a 100 year old school girl's scrapbook. And do you know who I'm going to share it with? Not you, internet.

There is something to be said about knowing that what's between these pages is only for me to see, no one else is invited (Ya know, sort of like life before the internet) . And that is unfortunate for you, because it's amazing <3

Thoughts on the Internet.

So let's see.....

 If you post pictures of yourself you're vain; pictures of your food you're cliche; pictures of your children you're deleted. If you don't post anything, you're not on the internet, and if you're not on the internet, well....you don't exist.

Ah, whatever...



Zoe-boe counts as a child, right?