Crazy 4 Cult - 10 Year Anniversary!

Very excited to participate in this years Crazy 4 Cult show at Gallery 1988 in LA!

I always look forward to making a painting for this exhibit, and since I had to skip out last year because of our move back to the east coast, I wanted to make this year's piece extra special. So I went with a favorite childhood movie, The Last Unicorn. 

It was a little challenging to come up with an idea since the movie is animated, but I used the color palette and forest details from the film as inspiration, and found a balance between my style and the style of the animations. I had a lot of fun working in this bright color palette and am really happy with how this piece turned out.

The exhibit opens tonight at Gallery 1988 West, 7308 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles

The Last, 11 x 14 inches, oil on board

The Last, 11 x 14 inches, oil on board

Dark Side...

Well not really, but a little break from my usual flowers, ships and pretty skies. Here is my painting for Say Hi To The Bad Guy, a group show at Gallery 1988 West, opening Friday, October 18th 7-10pm

 Say it Once, Say it Twice...

11 x 14 in. oil on board

 * Not my first time being inspired by Beetlejuice, if I count that time I drew a crayon door on my mom's wall.....

Young Adult at Gallery 1988

Now You Can Solve Crimes Too!

Nancy Drew Sleuth Kit, Faux Advertisement

8 x 10 in. oil on board

This painting is for the HelloGiggles Young Adult show at Gallery 1988, a show celebrating your favorite childhood novels. I chose to focus on Nancy Drew since I have fond memories of reading plenty of Nancy Drew novels as a young adult.  

The faux 1950's style advertisement was a fun solution for me, since one of the best parts about reading Nancy Drew was being able to step into her character and play out these mystery scenarios in my own life. I still find myself playing detective as an adult from time to time....although now the only "tools" it involves are Facebook and Google.

Be sure to check it out if you're in the area! The opening reception is February 2nd, 7-10 pm, at Gallery 1988: 7020 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles CA