Bad Dads - A Wes Anderson Tribute

While I've limited the amount of shows I've been participating in over the last few years, there are  certain ones that I love being a part of and contributing to, Bad Dads being one of them!

I love Wes Anderson's little world and it's a language I speak, so having the opportunity to create a painting inspired by it is truly a joy. This is my third time around and I based my painting off of Darjeeling Limited, my favorite of his films. Focusing on the two funerals in the movie (different countries, different times, same brothers attending), the piece is what I call a "reversible painting," giving the viewer the option to hang the art in the orientation they choose. I love this idea because it invites a physical interaction between the viewer and the artwork, when traditionally the last thing you are taught to do is touch a painting.

The show will be held at the the Joseph Gross Gallery in NY (548 W 28th St, New York, New York 10001) August 7-9. Check out the Spoke Art website for all the show details and updates!


We Are Not 2 We Are 1

6 x 14 inches oil on board


   A laminated card to accompany my painting.  *It fits in a pocket on the backside of the painting.


A laminated card to accompany my painting.

*It fits in a pocket on the backside of the painting.

Bad Dads Group Show.

Over the years I have been in quite a few pop-culture themed shows. Recently, I have cut back on participating in a lot of them, mostly because when I am not creating artwork for licensing I like to use that time on my personal paintings. That being said, one of the shows I did commit to this year is Bad Dads, a group show inspired by Wes Anderson films. I very much enjoy creating paintings inspired by his world, it's a language I understand.

The show opens Halloween night at Spoke Art in San Francisco.

She Smokes, 10 x 12 in. oil on board

*inspired by The Royal Tenenbaums