House Tour.

After just about 4 years in Milwaukee, John Murray and I have moved back to the east coast. We are so grateful for the experience and adventure we had in the Midwest, but also glad be close to friends and family again. We are also currently apartment hunting which feels quite strange since we owned a home for the past few years. I've been wanting to share some pictures of our first home and well, there's nothing like waiting until we don't live there anymore to do so!

We purchased our house in Milwaukee in 2013, a small one hundred and ten year old bungalow that had been through a lot of changes over time. Although we were initially disappointed that most of the original details of the house had been changed, it also allowed for so much opportunity, leaving the house as a blank canvas for our ideas and projects. We had a blast designing, decorating and collaborating on projects. And while it is sad to say goodbye to a place we put so much work into, it's also exciting to know that we will get to do it all over again with another house someday!


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The day we sold our house.

The day we sold our house.

I'm Not Sharing.



You want to know what's incredible? Having a little treasure, a 100 year old school girl's scrapbook. And do you know who I'm going to share it with? Not you, internet.

There is something to be said about knowing that what's between these pages is only for me to see, no one else is invited (Ya know, sort of like life before the internet) . And that is unfortunate for you, because it's amazing <3

2012: Milwaukee, Marriage, Murrayed

2012 has been an eventful year to say the least. It started with a big move: leaving behind a sweet job, an awesome town (Asbury Park <3), friends and families, and moving.... to Milwaukee, Wisconsin! There were definitely a lot of crazy looks, and "good luck in Minnesota, that's where Milwaukee is, right?"  But truth be told, as hard as it is being away from everything and everyone I know, Milwaukee. is. Awesome! It is most commonly described as a hidden gem, and I would absolutely have to agree with that. There are so many things that would just not happen back east, like sidewalk bowling with a frozen turkey for instance, or fencing in 300 people to throw tomatoes at each other, or riding around on a school bus, with live music while drinking wine...that's right, drinking wine on a school bus; and unbelievable food and beer and cheese! SO MUCH beer and cheese. And really, who can complain about that? So that being said, I look forward to sharing some more Milwaukee awesome-ness on this blog in the future.

In addition to the move there was also marriage! And a name change! And a new website :)

So 2012 has been a good one, trading in the ocean for a gigantic lake and Rizzolo for Murray. I'm not sure 2013 will be quite as dramatic, but I'm looking forward to it :)